Engagement Photos FAQ

Engagement Photos FAQ


What is an engagement session?

Show your loved ones how and where your story began with your own engagement photo session.  Engagement sessions add so much to the story of who you are as a couple right now, and they’re an ideal way to become more comfortable in front of my lens before your wedding day.  Your engagement photo session can be as simple as a stroll through your favorite park, a cup of coffee at your favorite cafe, returning to the place he proposed or even hiking up a mountain!  Anything you can imagine to share the imagery of your personal love story.  Formal or informal, images from your engagement session are beautiful additions to your wedding album or possibly a guestbook.  They help to create the entire story and can be used for your save-the-dates, invitations or thank you cards.


How does an engagement session work?

First thing we do is decide on a location for your session!  The location determines the time we start shooting as light varies depending on if we are close to where the sun will set, on a mountain or hidden in the woods.  Then a few days before the shoot I will send you an email with a few tips and reminders to help you prepare.  On the day of the shoot we will meet at our location and ask you to show me the outfits and any props you may have brought.  Then we will dive right in and start shooting.  For the most part we will simply go on a walk and wander around the beautiful location that you chose and stop along the way to take photos.  I will be looking for spots with beautiful light, natural framing and beautiful backgrounds to place you both.  And no need to worry about how you will look as I will put you into poses each step of the way.  It really is quite simple as I simply want to get you both to interact.  I’ll tell you to be yourselves and try to do the things you normally do when you are together.  Do you walk holding hands or maybe an arm around a shoulder?  Do you tickle one another all the time?  But my goal the entire time is to simply get you laughing, comfortable and interacting like you normally would.  We may do a few silly things at the beginning to get you to loosen up by you’ll learn fairly quickly how easy it is!


Where should we do our engagement shoot?

There are so many wonderful locations to choose from for your engagement session in the Seattle or Tacoma areas.  If you have a location in mind, I would love to hear about it. Lots of my clients have either a specific location in mind or a general idea of the type of location.  I love when clients choose a location with a special meaning to them.  But if you need suggestions, I would love to help and even have a few blog posts with suggestions which you can find here.  Be careful in choosing the “popular” places you find on Pinterest or popular blogs unless they have special meaning to you.


When can we do our engagement photos?

There are several factors that go into scheduling your engagement session including location and time of the year.  I try to schedule each engagement shoot to happen so we can shoot during the golden hour before sunset.  This is one of the best times to shoot and produces gorgeous light and the sunset time varies throughout the year.  Location also determines what time our shoot happens as if we are up at Mount Rainier, we lose the sun behind the mountain an hour before sunset. Or maybe we want to shoot somewhere woodsy, we may want to start earlier so we can see the sun streaming through the trees.  During peak wedding season (May-September) for the most part I can only accommodate weekday/weeknight sessions.


What if it rains?  We do live in Seattle afterall…

Since we live in Seattle and have to deal with rain all the time I tend to leave it up to my clients depending on their preference!  If we have typical Seattle drizzle that comes and goes then I am usually fine going out and shooting in it!  If it is a massive downpour then I will recommend we reschedule.  I usually keep in contact with you the week of the shoot and let you know what the weather looks like.  Shoots can be postponed due to rain on the day of the shoot but only with at least two hours warning.


What should we wear for our engagement session?

I have a blog post here just for that!


Should we bring props?  What about our dog?

I absolutely adore when my couples bring props, especially when they have special meaning!  But try not to get too caught up into needing props unless they have a specific purpose for you as a couple or fit with the theme of your wedding.  I also usually encourage bringing at least one change of clothes along with you as well.  Bring a bag to carry your props if we will not have easy access to your car or do not feel comfortable leaving them in the car between photos.  What about your dog?  I usually recommend having someone who can take the dog after a few photos as they usually can’t handle wandering around with us the entire time and want to go play.  But of course it depends on your dog!  I love dogs and love when they come along for part of the journey.


What if I’m really awkward in front of the camera?

Do not worry!  I have been doing this for quite some time and have dealt with many couples who were awkward or uncomfortable and helped to create beautiful images for them.  An engagement session is about capturing this amazing time in your lives and the love you have for one another, don’t let anything else get in the way of that!  Just enjoy being together and go ahead and laugh at me when I’m being silly!  We are going to have a blast together and pretty soon you will be a pro!

Every couple has a love story, let me tell yours.

Your wedding is a unique reflection of you. That’s why I love getting to know you personally - so i can tell your story beautifully. Sharing all your wedding dreams and details helps me to create authentic, meaningful image that reflect the true you. Your unguarded moments. Your natural emotions. All the cherished images of your very special day.


My shooting style is quietly unobtrusive. And my images naturally reveal the expressing of love and commitment that you both share. This is my passion; the heart of what I do. And it shines through in every image.


Your wedding day will be filled with extraordinary moments - intimate, surprising and joyous. Those fleeting moments, captured creatively, are the timeless visual heirlooms that will instantly bring you back to the essence of your wedding day.


Let me tell your love story.

Rebecca Anne

Bringing your memories to life.

You have hundreds of wedding plans to make. Deciding who will bring your memories to life is one of the most important. When the flurry and excitement of your wedding day is over, it is beautifully captured images that help you revisit the romance, emotion and spirit of an even that passes so quickly.


So, how do you choose the best wedding photographer for you?

Choose a Photographer Who Values Your Dreams

I don’t think of you as a shot list. Instead, I invest time getting to know you and your wedding dreams. That makes all the difference. You will be more comfortable in front of my lens, and your images will have the natural, more authentic feel of true keepsakes.

View Portfolio Images from An Entire Wedding

I will capture consistent, quality images throughout your wedding day. Details matter. And the subtle nuances of your day are important. I am happy to share entire wedding galleries with you, so you can assure yourself that the quality you expect consistently shines through in every shot.

Choose A Seasoned Professional

I am experienced in dealing with many different lighting environments and situations. I am committed to a professional and timely response to your needs before and after the ceremony. And all assurances that every special moment of your wedding is flawlessly captured. I am also experienced in many different situations that happen on a wedding day and know what is most important - you getting married! And whatever I can do to ensure your day goes smoothly - photography or otherwise - is what I am here for!

My husband and I had the best experience working with Rebecca Anne Photography. She is amazing! She is so
talented and captured our wedding day perfectly. Her photos are stunning and timeless. They will never look
dated, which was incredibly important to me. Rebecca helped everyone feel at ease throughout the day.
Taking photos never felt awkward or uncomfortable because of her direction and organization during the process.
I could not have asked for a better person to capture our day and give us the best memories to look
back on. Thank you!!

You want images that stand the test of time.

My goal when editing your images is to make the images look similar to what they looked like to our eyes when they were taken or a little bit better. However, I do not want you to see the editing when you look at your photos, i just want you to see the photos. Ten years from now I do not want you to look back and say, “that looks so 2020” or “remember that editing fad?”. We want your images to be timeless so that your grandchildren just judge what you wore. ;-)

It is about the memories, not the poses.

My goal when posing the two of you is to get you naturally interacting, having fun and being yourselves. I know every Pinterest post in the book, but we love those poses because they were two people naturally being themselves, holding hands in their unique way, leaning her head on him the way that she does. They are authentic and we are drawn to them. THAT is my goal. I might make you do something stupid to get you to THAT moment, so don’t judge me when I make you run, or do silly things. The beginning of our photo time will be more posed until you get comfortable and eventually are posing yourselves and forgetting I am there. I want you to look back and see memories, not how many photos we took or how awkward some pose was

Let's tell your love story
how it deserves to be told.

The easiest part of your wedding plans

Let’s get together - on the phone, at your favorite coffee spot, even SKYPE - I’m flexible. We’ll chat about your wedding day, confirm your date and discuss all the fun details. I’ll show you examples of beautiful custom wedding albums and other items that can become your cherished wedding day heirlooms. Together, we’ll select the perfect package for your wedding.


Once we confirm the details, I’ll prepare your booking proposal. After you return your signed contact and retainer fee, I’m officially your wedding photographer!

The Next Steps - What You Should Expect

6 weeks before your wedding: I send out a questionnaire to get all your details!


2 weeks before your wedding: We confirm the details from your questionnaire and finalize any last details.


Your wedding day: Final payment is due. I follow your timeline as your day unfolds. A sneak preview image is posted to Instagram after the “I Dos”.


1-2 days after your wedding: Sneak previews are posted to Facebook for your friends and family to see.


4-8 weeks after your wedding: Edited images are delivered to you through an online gallery and you select your favorite images to go into your wedding album!


2-3 months after the wedding: Your heirloom album is delivered to your doorstep!

Show your loved ones how it all beganTHE ENGAGEMENT SESSION

Engagement sessions add so much to the story of who you are as a couple right now, and they’re an ideal way to become more comfortable in front of my lens before your wedding day. Your engagement session can be as simple as a stroll through your favorite park, an intimate meal at your favorite cafe, or even a romantic return to where he proposed - anything you can imagine to share the imagery of your personal love story.


Formal or informal, images from your engagement session are beautiful additions to your wedding album, and also make a wonderful guestbook. They help to craft the whole story, and can even be used for save-the-date cards, invitations or thank you cards. After booking my couples get a engagement style guide to help planning their outfits as well as a wedding resource guide that contains lots of tips, tricks and location ideas.

Engagement Session Pricing




90 minutes of shooting time

1 photographer

1 location

30 high resolution images

Print release

Travel within 30 miles of Seattle or Tacoma




The Timeless Engagement

+ additional hiking time

+ additional 20 images

+ more location options like Franklin Falls, Snoqualmie Pass, Snow sessions & more.





The Adventure Engagement

+ all the images

+ more location options like Rattlesnake Ridge, Mount Rainier, Deception Pass, Diablo Lake & more.


A smooth flow to your special day


Memorable weddings don't just happy. They take a bit of organization. To ensure a smooth flow of beautifully captured memories of your day, a timeline of wedding events will help guide your planning. Our brides get a wedding resource guide with multiple sample timelines and many other tips. I am also happy to help custom write timelines.

Getting Ready - 1-1.5 hours

Depending on the size of your bridal party, if you want both guys and girls getting ready and if you are getting ready at the venue plays. apart in how long getting ready may take. But ideally you want your photographer to arrive when hair and makeup are just wrapping up as you don’t want photos with mascara on only one eye and not the other.

The Bride & Groom - 1 hour

These are some of the most important moments of the day! If you do a “first look” or not, we want to get around an hour with you somehow throughout the day. This ensures quality time together to get you a variety of poses, multiple locations and multiple lighting situations. An hour also guarantees relaxed time during your portraits so we don’t feel rushed or stressed. If we can steal you at sunset for 15 minutes we love that as it gives you a break from the big party and a few more intimate and relaxed photos in different light.

Wedding Party & Family - 30 minutes each

Unless Aunt Ruth and Uncle Bob and their 10 kids each want their own photo as well as your mom’s other 6 siblings, usually 30 minutes is enough time for family portraits to get you one large extended family photos and every combination you can think of with your immediate family. Your wedding party photos are usually also 30 minutes (unless its only 1-2 people) which includes group shots, girls photos, guys photos and an individual with each member.

Ceremony & Reception

The rest of the day is really up to you, what is important and what you want it to look like! We highly encourage planning in time to mingle with your guests during cocktail hour or before toasts as you’ll want to say hi to everyone and get a few candids with them.

Wedding Packages & Pricing




6 hours of coverage

1 Photographer

All images in high resolution

Print release

The Timeless Engagement

THE modern wedding



8 hours of coverage

1 Photographer

All images in high resolution

Print release

The Timeless Engagement

10x10 Linen Layflat Album

the lush wedding



9 hours of coverage

2 Photographer

All images in high resolution

Print release

The Timeless Engagement

10x10 Leahter Layflat Album

Or Create Your Own Package

choose your coverage

6 hours | + $2850

7 hours | + $3325

8 hours | + $3800

9 hours | + $4275

10 hours | + $4750

Hourly Rate | $475

add an engagement?

Timeless Engagement + $500

Adventure Engagement + $1000

Epic Engagement +$1500


Add a second photographer?

6 hours | + $750

7 hours | + $875

8 hours | + $1000

9 hours | + $1125

10 hours | + $1250

Hourly Rate | $125

Add an album?

8x8 linen | + $400

10x10 linen | +$500

12x12 linen | +$600

Upgrade to Leather | +$500

Thank you!


If you have any questions or would just like to chat, we’re here for you. Thank you so much for taking the time to read through our wedding guide! Feel free to email us any time through the contact form below or at REBECCA@REBECCAANNEPHOTOGRAPHY.COM.


I usually respond within 24-48 hours. Please note that on weekends I am often out on a shoot or spending time with family and so I appreciate your patience.

I cannot wait to hear from you!
- Rebecca Anne
(253) 797-9528

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