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Capturing Authentic Moments // Tips for Clients

Capturing Authentic Moments // Tips for Clients

A word that you may see me use frequently on my website and social media verbiage is authentic.  It had become the theme word behind what I do and strive to capture.  I want to show real moments and authentic emotions between my clients.  This is why I do this job. To capture those moments that are so real that words cannot begin to describe but simply evoke an emotion.

So how do I go about capturing these moments or getting my clients to feel comfortable enough to reveal these emotions? Majority of my clients have never been professionally photographed before and so it is my job to coach the into how to pose and interact with the camera.

I start off by simply telling my clients what to expect right before we begin shooting. I let them know that I will of course pose them lots but we will start off formal with some solid staple smiling shots and then work our way more casual. I let them know that although I know every pose they have probably ever seen on Pinterest that I want them to get there on there own. Pinterest was created by people naturally being themselves and the best poses are them simply them being together and interaction. I give them permission to be themselves. If he tickles her all the time, I want him to tickle her. If she leans on him when standing next to him, I want her to do that! And then I also give him permission to kiss her as much as he wants all day and she can’t do anything to stop it! ;-)

It is amazing what happens when you give your clients permission to be themselves and show their love. And from there of course I have my staple poses and tricks to get my clients to relax but ,lastly we just chat, interact, find cool locations and have fun!

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