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Here is where I am supposed to insert that I was given my grandfathers film camera at a young age, I am passionate about photography and why you should fall in love with me and hire me to document the most important moments of your life.  But how does that set me apart from every other photographers about me page?

Yes, I know I just broke the rules.  I shouldn’t talk that way, its not allowed.  Well, if we don’t break some rules then how are we going to capture the most amazing photos together and become besties?

When you come on a shoot with me I am going to tell you that you need to break down any walls from letting me in.  If you truly want the most amazing photos together, you have to let me capture them.  I can put you in every Pinterest pose in the book, but do you know how those poses were created?  Couples naturally being themselves together.  And so let’s go on a date together and I’ll be the third wheel (slightly awkwardly) capturing your best moments together.

You see, really I’m basically your therapist, your bartender, your planner, the person that makes you snort when you laugh (hopefully), your best friend, your confidant, your errand runner, your hairstylist, your makeup artist, your emergency seamstress, your hiking buddy, the person that walks you though the most unique and important days of your life and…you got it, your memory creator and documenter.

I don’t just want to show up and take photos of your wedding.  I want to be there for you and help to create the wedding of your dreams.  I want to be a support for you and your family.  If me running and grabbing your flats during dinner is something that I can do for you (since no one wants photos eating anyways) then I will do that for you.  Yes, photography is my number one priority but you and the love of your life getting married is so much bigger.

So now we get to the part where if you want to know more about how I got to where I am today or my personal life…keep reading…









My parents bought me a SLR camera one year for Christmas and I proceeded to teach myself everything I could learn. I took photos for fun at my cousin’s wedding that year and she ended up printing my photos instead of her photographer’s. This is when I realized I was really good at this thing called photography. I got on board with an associate company and second-shot 30 weddings the following summer. After that I trained under a few photographers and started booking weddings on my own. Photography was my job all through high school and college. I went to the University of Washington and majored in Journalism with a focus in multimedia and went on to the Seattle PI to discover that being a journalist was not what I wanted to do with my life. I took some time away from photography to get married and worked as a Supervisor at Starbucks in the meantime. After getting married I re-launched Rebecca Anne Photography and have now been full time for 5 years shooting 30-40 weddings per year. I absolutely love my job and can’t believe this is what I get to do everyday.

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Rebecca Anne Photography has had the honor of being published in Style Me Pretty, Wedding Chicks, Seattle Bride Magazine, The Knot, Artfully Wed, The Luxe Pearl, Love & Lavender, Kate Aspen, Melissa Hearts Weddings, Knotsvilla, How He asked, Southern Maryland Weddings, Mrs2Be, Nearlyweds and continually adding more (see my press page here).




I am married to a wonderful man named Dirk who supports me and has helped me to make my photography dream come true. He is my marketing man and I love getting to share my business with him. We met in preschool at our church and were great friends growing up but were always dating other people. Finally we both ended up at the University of Washington together where he stole my heart. He proposed two and a half years later and we were married another year after that. I call him Hammy because he has silly energetic moments like Hammy from the movie Over The Hedge. And he calls me Jumper because when we had our “define the relationship” talk he said me dating him would be like jumping off a building…and I did! ;-) We love to go on adventures together, long drives and eat good food. You can read some of my more personal related blog posts here. Or check out the top 10 lessons I learned from my own wedding here.

Now Offering Associate Packages:

We are now offering associate packages for brides who would love to book the quality, experience and services of Rebecca Anne Photography but may be unable to do so due to unavailability or pricing. With booking an assoiciate you get a similar style to that of Rebecca Anne (as they have been trained by her!) and all of your editing, products and communication is still done by Rebecca Anne.


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