Best locations to shoot photos near Seattle

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For the longest time I have searched on Google for the "best places to shoot photos near Seattle" and have always found the same typical places.  So after several years of hunting down cool spots, or clients showing me new places I have a pretty good list of places that I love to shoot photos, and clients love to have their photo taken there too!  Yes, some of these places are typical, but often times that is what people want.  Now...Seattle is known for its rain, so let me put this out there: these places are better in the sun!  These locations are best for your summer photo shoots.  Due to the fact that it is October now and the rains sure are coming down, I'm planning on dragging my Hubby out with me to find cool places to shoot photos IN THE RAIN.  We live in Seattle, it will rain and people still want there photos taken.  So stay tuned for future posts for where to take photos in the rain. 

NOTE: Due to the fact that this would be a VERY long blog post if I included all the locations, I plan on breaking them up into several posts.  So here are five locations in the greater Seattle area that I love:


The University of Washington

And these are a few personal photos while on a date with my Hubby, but I wanted to show you how beautiful the Cherry Blossoms are!

As you can see, there are MANY places to shoot photos at the UW!  They have a little bit of everything.


Downtown Tacoma
This is a little farther away from the "Seattle area", but it is one of my favorite spots to shoot!  So many options!



Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park

Salt Water State Park

More locations coming soon...

- Rebecca Anne


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